30 Turkey Books for Kids

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Get some turkey book inspiration with this list of best turkey books for kids including toddlers, preschool, and early elementary grades. This turkey book list includes fictional humorous tales and nonfiction titles as well. Some are newer and others are classics. As a school librarian at five different elementary schools, I am in the fortunate position to be able to read books galore. Most of the titles may be found in one or more of the libraries where I work. I hope you enjoy perusing this list of favorite books about turkeys for kids.

The Best Turkey Book List Backstory

Once again, as with my Back to School book list, my Christmas booklist, Thanksgiving book list, Gingerbread books, Snow book list, and Valentine’s Day book list for kids, I scoured the listings in the online library catalogs at the schools where I teach. These turkey books are not just for kids, though. The whole family can enjoy these selections. From silly books about turkeys trying to trying to avoid becoming part of a feast to books with interesting turkey facts, the list has books for kids of a variety of ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students. Let’s start with toddlers.

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Best Turkey Books for Toddlers

Toddlers love crinkly sounds and thick board book pages they can turn themselves. These selections offer that, as well as some fun interactivity. Check out these titles, especially designed with toddlers in mind.

Five Silly Turkeys Yoon, Salina
Get ready for some silliness when these turkeys do very un-turkey-like things, like sunbathing. The crinkly feathers add appeal to little fingers as they turn the pages of this enjoyable board book.
Gobble Wobble Finger Puppet Board Book Puffinton, Brick
Get your Thanksgiving groove on with the action rhymes in this cute Thanksgiving story. Use the little turkey finger puppet to dance around as the story moves along.

Best Turkey Books for Preschoolers

Have some laughs with your favorite preschooler as you (or they) turn the pages of these engaging titles. For a rollicking good time, check out these offerings, especially for preschool-aged kids.

Turkey Goes to School Silvano, Wendi
In this edition of the popular series about Turkey and friends, the animals find out they are not allowed at school, even though they have been practicing their skills. Find out how they solve the dilemma in this clever story.
10 Fat Turkeys Johnston, Tony Counting backwards, silly rhymes…this book has it all. Preschool-aged kids will gobble it right up!
10 Turkeys in the Road Reeves Sturgis, Brenda.
When a group of turkey circus performers surround a farmer and his truck, fun-filled chaos ensues in this colorful tale.

Best Turkey Books for Kindergarten

The kindergarten year is filled with new experiences. Have kindergarten students hanging onto your every word when you read these books out loud with them. From offering lessons in thankfulness to opportunities to design something creative, these books will appeal to a wide variety of interests.

Taylor the Thankful Turkey Ellis, Sonica
In addition to being thankful, this story teaches the importance of showing appreciate to others. It’s a colorful, thought-provoking book with questions at the end.
How to Catch a Turkey Wallace, Adam
Here’s a story brimming with outlandish ideas for traps to catch turkeys, and along with the silliness are some great STEM concepts. Have fun witnessing some crazy turkey-catching escapades.
A Turkey for Thanksgiving Bunting, Eve
When Turkey is invited to Thanksgiving dinner by Mr. and Mrs. Moose, he doesn’t realize he is invited as a guest, not the main course. Will his friends be able to clear up the misunderstanding in time for the meal?
Turkey Trouble Silvano, Wendi
In this popular classic tale, Turkey tries to avoid becoming dinner by thinking of clever disguises. Will his plan work? Find out in this hilarious tale.

Best Turkey Books for First Grade

Many first graders will be able to read some of these titles on their own. Encourage the love of reading with these turkey tales. Included on this section of the turkey book list are some popular series titles.

Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey Cowley, Joy
When Miguel befriends Gracias, the turkey meant for Thanksgiving dinner, is he headed for heartbreak and disappointment? Find out in this tale of family and friendship.
The Turkey Prince Tooinsky, Izzi
After a prince is turned into a turkey during a public appearance, will he ever find a way to return to his human form?
Run, Turkey, Run! Mayr, Diane.
A clever turkey sneaks from one hiding place after another as a persistent farmer tries to find him in this humorous tale.
Turkey Surprise Archer, Peggy.
Will the little Pilgrim be able to convince the big Pilgrim to stop looking for a turkey in the woods? Join in on the hunt for an elusive bird.
The Great Turkey Race Metzger, Steve.
Surprisingly, there are three turkeys in this book who want to be chosen for the feast. They decide to have a contest to see which should be chosen in this colorful and silly story.
Turkeys Together Wallace, Carol
Where have Mother Turkey’s and Mrs. Turkey’s eggs gone? Find out in this heartwarming tale, perfect for beginning readers.
Too Many Turkeys White, Linda,
After a little lost turkey arrives in Belle’s garden, her garden flourishes. Suddenly, turkeys arrive from everywhere. What can be done to save the garden and farm from being taken over? Readers will want to keep turning the pages to find out.
Farmer Goff and His Turkey Sam Schatell, Brian
Sam the turkey is worried that he will end up in Farmer Goff’s oven after doing poorly in the local turkey contest. Find out what happens in this hilarious classic.
A Plump and Perky Turkey Bateman, Teresa.
When the residents of Squawk Valley invite Pete the turkey to be their “model” for an art fair, they really have something else in mind. Will clever Pete outsmart them all? Find out in this winsome tale.
This is the Turkey Levine, Abby
Join in the festive merriment as Max and his sister help their family prepare a Thanksgiving feast. The catchy, rhyming text make this book a fun read.
Nate the Great Talks Turkey Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.
Book 25 in the beloved beginning reader series Nate the Great finds detective Nate and his dog, Sludge, on the trail of a runaway turkey. Will you solve the case before they do?
There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey! Colandro, Lucille,
Part of the popular “There was an Old Lady” series, it’s not a big surprise to find that the Old Lady has now swallowed a turkey, plus a lot of other things. Why? Well. she’s always been quirky. Ha! Have fun reading the rhyming, repetitive text aloud and have kids join in.
Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and Other Thankful Stuff) Park, Barbara. Join first grader Junie B. Jones as her class prepares for a Turkey Day feast.

Best Turkey Book for Second Grade

In addition to some of the nonfiction titles listed below this section, second graders may enjoy sampling some historical fiction as their reading horizons expand.

The Great Turkey Walk Karr, Kathleen
You may have heard of cattle drives, but a turkey drive? That’s what Simon Green undertakes in this entertaining work of historical fiction.

Best Nonfiction Turkey Books for Kids

If you are hoping for some facts about turkeys, these may be what you are looking for. Packed with information, these books were written for a variety of ages. The age group is noted by each title to simplify your search.

Turkeys Dieker, Wendy Strobel
Part of the Animals on the Farm series, kids ages 6-7 will enjoy the facts presented with carefully-chosen text, perfect for beginning readers.
All About Turkeys Arnosky, Jim
Recommended for kids ages 6-8, the beautiful watercolor illustrations and informative text help kids learn about the habitat, life cycle, and appearance of the American wild turkey.
Wild Turkeys Magby, Meryl.
Students ages 5-10 will learn about wild turkey flocks, predators, diet, and population numbers in this treasure trove of facts.
Thanksgiving Turkeys Merrick, Patrick.
Kids ages 7-9 will be introduced to historical facts about the role turkeys play in American Thanksgiving traditions.
Wild Turkeys Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw
Geared toward kids ages 7-10, this selection is filled with facts comparing the native American wild turkey with its farm-raised relative.


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Have a wonderful week, and enjoy reading books about turkeys!

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