Tractor Books for Toddlers

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Learn about some excellent and engaging tractor books for toddlers from a tractor-loving mom and children’s librarian. Find a great selection of board books and picture books about tractors, many of which include interactive, toddler-friendly activities. To save you time, brief descriptions are included with each selection. Whether you are looking for books about what tractors do, what tractors sound like, or what tractors look like, this list has got you covered.

tractor books for toddlers tractor book covers

Why I Love Books About Tractors

The main reason why I like books about tractors is simple: I live on a farm. It’s not a large farm, but over the years our tractors have saved my family a lot of work. Most recently, I used our latest tractor to haul wood from a wood pile into one of our sheds. My kids grew up around tractors and learned to love them from a very young age. Out first tractor was an old Ferguson, shown below with one of our boys happily pretending to drive. As you can tell, there was a lot of work to be done.

tractor books for toddlers toddler on a tractor

Tractor books and toys were always popular items around our house. From vintage tractor books and crinkly tractor books to toys that made tractor sounds, we loved our tractors. Now they reside in a special place, ready to be played with and read whenever the need arises.

tractor books for toddlers with tractor toy

Later on, we upgraded the tractor to a John Deere and added a few more implements. The front loader, the forks, the back blade, the mower, the tiller and the newest addition, the grappler, have all been used extensively. We are grateful to have a place where the tractor can reside under cover when not in use.

tractor books for toddlers john deere tractor

As you can tell. tractors are important and useful around our small farm. I had a lot of tun putting this list together. If you know a toddler who is interested in tractors, this list is for you!

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Board Books About Tractors for Toddlers

These board books are designed with durability in mind and offer engaging content to capture toddlers’ attention and foster a love for reading.

tractor books for toddlers I am a tractor

I am a Tractor by Jack Redwing is a captivating children’s book that introduces young readers to the world of tractors. With vibrant illustrations and simple yet engaging text, the book follows the experiences of a cheerful tractor, offering a delightful and educational journey for toddlers exploring the wonders of these iconic machines. Includes a built-in finger puppet toy!

John Deere How Tractors Work by Jack Redwing is a shaped board book that provides a detailed exploration of the inner workings of John Deere tractors and a seeder. With engaging illustrations and accessible language, it offers young readers a fascinating insight into the mechanics and functions of these powerful machines.

John Deere Kids Good Night Tractor on the Farm by Jack Redwing is a charming bedtime story young readers join the adventure of a little tractor on the farm as it winds down for the night. With delightful illustrations, interactive lift-the-flap surprises and a soothing narrative, it makes for a perfect bedtime read, capturing the essence of farm life.

tractor books for toddlers with goodnight tractor

Goodnight Tractor by Michelle Robinson is a delightful bedtime tale that takes children on a journey around the farm as various vehicles, including the beloved tractor, prepare to rest for the night. The rhythmic text and vivid illustrations create a soothing atmosphere for bedtime.

Count The Farm Tractors! I Spy Book for Kids Ages 2-5 by Jasper Daesdonk Publishing is designed for young children aged 2-5. With colorful illustrations and engaging rhymes, it encourages kids to count farm tractors while developing observational skills and early counting abilities.

tractor books for toddlers chug chug tractor

Chug, Chug Tractor: Lots of Sounds and Loads of Flaps! By DK is an interactive board book that combines exciting tractor sounds with lift-the-flap elements. With vibrant illustrations, touch-and-feel textures, and engaging text, it provides a multisensory experience for young readers, allowing them to explore the world of tractors in an interactive way.

The Busy Little Tractor by Little Hippo Books is a delightful story that follows the adventures of a small, hardworking tractor on the farm. Through its engaging narrative and colorful illustrations, the book introduces young readers to the joy of farm life and the importance of teamwork.

Busy Tractor Touch and Feel Board Book by Little Hippo Books is a family favorite. Filled with a variety of textures for curious fingers to explore, the sturdy board book describes the different tasks a tractor performs.

tractor books for toddlers noisy tractors

Bright Baby Noisy Tractors by Roger Priddy features bold, colorful pictures of various tractors, engaging toddlers in early learning. Kids can press a button to learn about the sound a tractor makes.

Busy Tractors by Campbell Books has sturdy pages and interactive elements which introduce toddlers to the world of tractors through pushing and pulling tabs throughout the story along with simple rhyming text.

Busy Tractor Touch and Feel Board Book by Little Hippo Books is a family favorite. Filled with a variety of textures for curious fingers to explore, the sturdy board book describes the different tasks a tractor performs.

Touch and Feel Tractor by DK includes real photographs in this touch and feel board book with a new, updated look. Toddlers will be captivated by the colorful illustrations in a sturdy format.

Good Night Tractors (Good Night Our World) by Adam Gamble describes the different functions of a tractor with colorful illustrations. When the day is done and the farm has been explored, it‘s time to go to bed.

Picture Books About Tractors for Toddlers

These books combine engaging stories or activities with vibrant illustrations to captivate toddlers’ interest in tractors and farm life.

tractor books for toddlers grandpas tractor

Grandpa’s Tractor (Life on the Farm) by Michael Garland is a poignant story about a grandson and his grandfather who pay a visit to the old family farm. Although the tractor sits rusting in a field, Grandpa remembers it as it was when he was a boy, all red and shiny. Perfect for grandparents and grandkids to enjoy together!

The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village by Frances Chan relates a powerful parable in a way that little kids can relate to. God has a plan and purpose for everything, even a tractor that no one knows how to run. You just need to dust off the owner’s manual.

Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm by Billy Steers tells the story of when Tractor Mac, the red tractor, arrives at the farm and explores his new surroundings, teaching toddlers about farm life. Will Sibley, the trusty farm horse, be out of a job? Learn about tractors and friendship in this heartwarming tale. Includes stickers!

tractor books for toddlers all aboard tractor

All Aboard! Tractor: The Farm’s Most Amazing Plants, Animals, and Machines by Pavla Hanackova invites readers to join an intrepid kiwi bird, Karl, on a farm adventure as he explores how to grow his own food. Kids will journey with Karl in his tractor through the different stages of growing, harvesting, and learning about how a farm works.

I Spy Tractor Book for 2 Year Old Boys by Funskill Brew is an interactive and age-appropriate book designed for toddlers. Filled with colorful images and simple I Spy challenges, it encourages early visual recognition and observation skills. The book provides an entertaining and educational experience for 2-year-old boys as they explore the exciting world of tractors.

tractor books for toddlers otis

Otis by Loren Long invites readers to Join Otis, a friendly tractor, on his adventures and learn about the importance of friendship and helping others. This is the first book in a six book series about this lovable tractor.

More Resources for Readers

The best way to encourage a love of reading is to provide kids with many opportunities to engage with a wide variety of books that are of interest to them. At Book and Tech Tips I want to make it easy for you to find great books kids will love. Over the years I’ve also discovered some helpful tools for connecting kids and books.

Online digital libraries are one very handy way to do this. Epic! is one of our favorite online libraries. It’s full of over 25,000 books, learning videos, quizzes and more for kids 12 and under…and it’s free for educators. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Another great free digital library is ReadingIQ. It’s also free for educators and has a wide selection of titles.

If you download the free Libby app, you can access many digital audiobooks from your public library. Audiobooks are perfect for car trips!

Looking for a book that is out of print? Try searching Thriftbooks online. There are over 13 million titles available.

Looking for More Book Ideas?

If you enjoyed this list of tractor books for toddlers, you might like these book lists as well:

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Not seeing titles that fit with your needs? Request a free, customized book list tailored to your specifications. Just click here to get the process started. I’m all about matching people with books.

Have a wonderful week, and enjoy reading books about tractors!

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