Best Books About Blueberries

Learn about the best books about blueberries for kids and adults, including fiction and nonfiction. Many of these best blueberry books for kids would be great blueberry books to read aloud. Some are award-winning books, some are classics, and some are new books about blueberries. There are also blueberry cookbooks on this list, as well … Read more

33 Books About Butterflies: Picture Books, Read Aloud, Nonfiction, Fiction

butterfly books butterfly in a garden

Learn about the best children’s books about butterflies, including books about butterflies for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, first and second graders. Many of these best butterfly books for kids would be great butterfly books to read aloud, and some of them are award-winning picture books about butterflies. There are also butterfly life cycle books on this … Read more

129 Frog Books for Kids: The Ultimate List

frog books for kids tree frog on wood

Learn about the best frog books for kids, including books about frogs for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students. Many of these books would be great frog books to read aloud, and some of them are award-winning picture books about frogs. There are also frog life cycle books on this list, as well as books … Read more

38 Gingerbread Books for Kids in 2022

gingerbread books for kids with book covers and gingerbread cookies in teh background

Get some gingerbread book inspiration with this list of best gingerbread books for kids including preschool and elementary grades. This gingerbread book list includes fictional humorous tales about the Gingerbread Man, stories about gingerbread houses, and nonfiction cookbook titles as well. Some are newer and others are classics. As a school librarian at five different … Read more

40 Pumpkin Books for Kids

best pumpkin books for kids books featured image pumpkin books on a table

Classic pumpkin books as well as new pumpkin books share space on this comprehensive list of pumpkin books for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders. Some of these pumpkin books for kids are humorous, some are heartwarming, and many are both. Fiction as well as nonfiction titles are included. Whether you are looking for pumpkin … Read more

20 Children’s Books About Kindness

best books about kindness for kids featured image

Looking for some great children’s books about kindness? You’re in the right place to get a list of titles that champion kindness. As a school librarian, I’ve been pleased to see an emphasis on kindness in my community and schools lately. T-shirts and bulletin boards urge students to “Be the Kind Kid”. But what does … Read more

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