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Welcome! Have you wanted to start a blog but aren’t sure where to begin? Here’s a mini-course to get your own blog set up and running!

Work at Your Own Pace as You Start a Blog

Complete each step as time allows, as quickly or slowly as you wish, no strings attached. You won’t even need to provide an email address. Have fun embarking on your blogging journey!

5 Simple Steps to Start a Blog Free Mini-Course will get you off to a great beginning if you dream of blogging. Beginning bloggers, this mini-course is full of helpful tips and resources. Learn how to choose a domain name, get web hosting, select a website theme, design a logo, compose and publicize posts. This all-in-one source of information for starting a blog step by step is a can't-miss learning opportunity. #blogging #startablog #free #bloggingforbeginners

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name and Topic to Start a Blog

3 Simple Tips for Choosing a Domain Name will give you some quick and easy ideas for choosing an available domain name which will draw website visitors. Find out how to brainstorm for ideas, rapidly check availability, and create a domain name your blog visitors will love. #blogging #domainname #bloggingtips #choosingadomainname #easybloggingtips #beginnerblogger #beginningbloggertips #blogideas #blogging #domainnameideas #beginningbloggers #easybloggingtips #blogging #findingadomainname #simple

This first step will guide the direction of your blog. View a list of links to help you find a domain name which hasn’t already been taken. Ideas about blog topics and tips for finding your niche will also be provided.

Step 2: Get Hosting

11 Awesome Free or Low Cost Web Hosting Sites is a comprehensive list for the frugal blogger. Blogging on a budget? This list is for you. Quality web hosting for a bargain price, with information about free hosting versus paid hosting. If you are a beginning blogger and don't want to invest a ton of money in hosting, check this out. #bestwebhosting #webhostingsites #webhostingforblogs #cheapwebhosting #webhostingprovders #webhostingservices #freewebhosting #startablog #freebloggingsites #blog

This second step will provide you with options, some free, for hosting your blog online. Learn the pros and cons of free vs. paid hosting so you can make an informed decision. It’s your blog, and you get to determine what kind of site it’s going to be.

Step 3: Select a Theme

Select a theme featured image 13 Awesome Places to Find Web Themes for Bloggers on a Budget will help you find the web theme you need without breaking the bank. Check out these budget-minded, free or low-cost web theme sites. There are so many theme choices available, sometimes it's overwhelming. You don't need to spend a lot of money to choose a theme, and you can always change your theme later. #begginningbloggers #blogthemes #freeblogthemes #wordpressblogthemes #lowcost #freethemes #bloggingforbeginners #bloggers #blog

This step will give you choices about customizing your website’s appearance. Many free themes are available. A list of premium paid theme choices will be provided as well. Select a theme which fits with your chosen niche.

Step 4: Design a Logo and Add Visual Content

Step 4 Branding Your Site featured image 5 Essential Tips for Branding Your Website will help you easily choose colors, design a logo and customize the look of your blog or business. These simple tips are easy, quick and ideal for the budget-minded blogger. Have fun deciding how to personalize the look of your web pages and social media posts. Get some branding inspiration and get recognized! #branding #brandingdesign #brandidentity #corporatebranding #businessbranding #brandinglogo #brandingideas #brandingtips #brandcolorpalette #blog

Customize your website with a personalized logo which fits with your niche. Browse through the list of graphic design sites, both free and paid. Learn tips about creating your own brand and adding images to your site.

Step 5: Compose, Publish and Publicize Posts

Start a Blog Step 5 Compose Publish and publicize Posts Featured image 7 Essential Things to do Before Your Blog or Website Goes Live will tell you which items to remember when you are launching your blog or website. Compose, publish and publicize your content with confidence after reading this. Optimize your blog or website for traffic and SEO. Avoid regrets later and launch your blog or website the right way! #launchingablog #launchingawebsite #socialmedia #bloggingforbeginners #startingablogforbeginners #startingablog #startingawordpressblog #howtostartablog

Access tips about the number of posts to write before going live. Learn how to drive traffic to your blog. Launch  your blog and take it to the masses!

Most Importantly, Have Fun as You Start a Blog!

Creating a blog should be an interesting, fun process. The world of blogging is full of opportunities for collaboration, connection and sharing your voice. If you would like to go beyond these beginning steps and learn more advanced tips, be sure to read my posts about Creating Evergreen Pins for Pinterest and How to Send Your Blog Traffic Soaring. You might also be interested in my Blogging Tips board on Pinterest. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at

Good luck as you start a blog!

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