35 Polar Bear Books for Kids and Adults

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Learn about some excellent and engaging polar bear books for kids and adults from a polar bear-loving mom and children’s librarian. Find a great selection of board books, picture books, and chapter books about polar bears as well as polar bear books for adults. You will find polar bear books for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and beyond. So sit back and enjoy perusing the titles. To save you time, brief descriptions are included with each selection. Whether you are looking for books about polar bear life or some fun fiction featuring polar bears, this list has got you covered. Many of these books about polar bears would be perfect for reading aloud at a wintery party. (Get some free printable invitations.)

books about polar bears for kids and adults

My Polar Bear Books Backstory

If you have ever looked for good books to share with kids, you will know that there are many to choose from. As I looked over the shelves of the five schools where I work as a librarian, I had a great time remembering some of my favorite titles. Polar bears make a great educational theme, with many cross-curriculum connections that can be made with science as well as geography. Here is a selection of books about polar bears, organized by reader age. Adults can find titles here too. Many of these books are fiction titles, with nonfiction titles included as well. I hope you find some great books about polar bears to enjoy and learn from.

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Books About Polar Bears for Toddlers

Sturdy board books are the way to go with toddlers. Handling the books and learning how to turn pages is a valuable skill that can be picked up at a very young age. These board books about polar bears for toddlers combine captivating illustrations with age-appropriate stories, providing a delightful introduction to these Arctic animals.

“Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?” by Bill Martin Jr. (board book version)

Description: This classic board book, written by Bill Martin Jr. and illustrated by Eric Carle, introduces toddlers to a variety of animals, including the majestic polar bear. With rhythmic text and vibrant illustrations, it’s a delightful read-aloud experience.

“Where’s the Polar Bear?” by Ingela P. Arrhrenius

Description: In this interactive board book, toddlers can lift the flaps to discover where the polar bear is hiding. With engaging illustrations and simple text, it encourages young readers to participate in the search for the playful polar bear.

“Little Polar Bear” by Hans de Beer (board book version)

 Description: “Little Polar Bear” is a charming board book that follows Lars, a young polar bear, on his adventures in the Arctic. With its endearing storyline and appealing illustrations, it’s perfect for introducing toddlers to the world of polar bears.

polar bear books little polar bear books

Books About Polar Bears for Preschoolers

These picture books about polar bears offer engaging stories, beautiful illustrations, and educational content for preschoolers.

“Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?” by Bill Martin Jr. (the full-sized picture book, not the board book)

 Description: A beloved classic, this picture book introduces preschoolers to various animals, including the polar bear, using rhythmic text and vibrant illustrations by Eric Carle. It’s an engaging read-aloud that encourages interaction and animal recognition.

“Little Polar Bear” by Hans de Beer (the full-sized picture book)

 Description: As noted in the toddler section above, readers will follow Lars, the little polar bear, on his adventures in this sweet picture book. Preschoolers will enjoy the full color, sweet illustrations as Lars encounters new friends and experiences in the Arctic.

“Polar Bear Morning” by Lauren Thompson

Description: In this book, readers join a bear cub as she explores the snowy landscape. The book’s gentle text and beautiful illustrations capture the wonder of a polar bear’s morning routine, making it an enchanting read for preschoolers.

“Polar Bear Night” by Lauren Thompson

Description: In this beautifully illustrated picture book, sequel to Polar Bear Morning, a curious polar bear cub explores the magical Arctic landscape under the Northern Lights. The rhythmic text and enchanting illustrations make it a captivating read for young readers in kindergarten.

Books About Polar Bears for Kindergarten

Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home! by Hans de Beer

Description: In this charming sequel to the original story, Lard, the little polar bear, teams up with Sasha, a Siberian tiger, and they experience adventures together in the wild.

Little Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare by Hans de Beer

When Lars the little polar bear rescues a small hare named Hugo, the two animals become friends. When Hugo is called upon to be brave, will he be up to the task? Find out in this charming companion book to the others in the Little Polar Bear series.

Cold Paws, Warm Heart by Madeleine Floyd

Description: Cold Paws, a lonely polar bear, always feels cold. Could it be because his only company is his silver flute? Find out what happens the day he makes a new friend.

Are You a Polar Bear? by Andrew Gabriel

Description: A little cub journeys out of his den to find his mother and encounters many arctic creatures along the way. Will the brave cub find an animal that looks like him? Find out in this engaging picture book.

“Polar Bear Island” by Lindsay Bonilla

Description: In this delightful book, kids are introduced to the concept of sharing and friendship as they follow the story of Parker, a polar bear, who learns to welcome new friends to his island. The engaging narrative and playful illustrations make it an enjoyable read.

polar bear books library books about polar bears

Books About Polar Bears for First Grade

“The Three Snow Bears” by Jan Brett

Description: In this charming adaptation of the Goldilocks tale, Aloo-ki, an Inuit girl, discovers the igloo of three snow bears. Jan Brett’s intricate illustrations and a heartwarming storyline make this picture book a delightful choice for first grade readers.

“Snow Bear” by Jean Craighead George

Description: In this whimsical tale, a girl named Bessie and a polar bear cub named Snow Bear play together on the ice. Bessies older brother and Snow Bear‘s mother watch to make sure everyone is safe.

“Ice Bears” by Brenda Z. Guiberson

Description: A polar bear mother teachers her two cubs about survival in the Arctic in this colorfully-illustrated tale.

“Urso Brunov and the White Emperor” by Brian Jacques

Description: Urso Brunov, the Little Father of All Bears who stands no bigger than a thumb, saves two lost polar bears with the help of some friends.

“Polar Bear Puzzle” by Amanda Lumry

Description: Part of the Adventures of Riley series, Riley meets some relatives in northern Canada to observe the polar bears that are wandering through the towns waiting for Hudson Bay to freeze over.

Just One More Swim by Caroline Pitcher

Imagine being a polar bear cub learning to swim and finding out how much fun it is. Follow the adventures of twin polar bear cubs as they learn to try something new in this beautifully illustrated picture book that is great for beginning readers.

“The Snow Bear” by Liliana Stafford

Description: A friendship develops between a polar bear and Bruun, an Inuit boy, when they save each other‘s lives. They eventually meet again when Bruun is an adult in this heartwarming tale.

“The Polar Bear Son: An Inuit Tale” by Lydia Dabcovich

Description: This book retells an Inuit folktale about a girl who adopts a polar bear cub and raises him as her son. The story weaves themes of kindness, cooperation, and the interconnectedness of nature, offering a culturally rich and engaging reading experience.

polar bear books polar bears past bedtime

Chapter Books About Polar Bears for Second Grade and Up in Elementary School

These chapter books cater to elementary students and offer a mix of adventure, education, and cultural elements, making them engaging reads for young readers interested in polar bears and Arctic exploration.

“Polar Meltdown” by Jan Burchett

Description: Twins Ben and Zoe are sent on a mission to rescue some orphaned polar bears in Alaska after the polar bears‘ mother dies.

“The Quest Begins” by Erin Hunter

Description: In this first book of the Seekers series by a popular and prolific writer, three bears of different species travel on a risky quest to the Northern Lights accompanied by a shape-shifting grizzly cub.

“I am Polar Bear!” by Stephanie J. Teer

Description: In this final book in the Wild Animal Kids Club series, a young polar bear cub will determine the fate of a kid warrior in this tale of compassion and courage.

“Polar Bears Past Bedtime (Magic Tree House #12)” by Mary Pope Osborne

Description: In this installment of the Magic Tree House series, Jack and Annie travel to the Arctic and encounter polar bears. The book combines an exciting adventure with educational elements, making it an engaging chapter book for elementary readers.

“Polar Bear Patrol (Magic School Bus Chapter Book #18)” by Judith Bauer Stamper

Description: Join Ms. Frizzle and her class as they embark on an Arctic adventure to learn about polar bears. This chapter book, part of the Magic School Bus series, combines science, humor, and exploration, making it both entertaining and educational.

polar bear books polar bear vs grizzly

Nonfiction Books About Polar Bears

These nonfiction books about polar bears for elementary students blend educational content with engaging storytelling, providing valuable insights into the lives of these Arctic animals and the conservation efforts to protect them.

“Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bear” by Jerry Pallotta

Part of the Who Would Win? series, this fascinating, fact-filled book pits a polar bear against a grizzly bear. Different features or each species are compared. Who would come out on top if they were to meet and battle against each other?

Polar Bears: Facts and Photos About This Interesting and Unique Animal” by Erick Olteanu

Description: This nonfiction book provides elementary students with an in-depth look at polar bears, addressing their habitat and behavior. It combines informative text with captivating full color photographs, fostering an understanding of polar bear life.

“The Polar Bear Scientists” by Peter Lourie

Description: In this engaging nonfiction book, elementary readers follow scientists as they study polar bears in the Arctic. The book offers insights into the work of researchers, the behavior of polar bears, and the impact of environmental changes on their survival.

“Ice Bear: In the Steps of the Polar Bear” by Nicola Davies

Description: This non-fiction picture book introduces first-grade readers to the world of polar bears, exploring their habitat, behavior, and survival in the Arctic. The detailed illustrations and informative text make it an engaging educational resource. Includes an audio CD with sound effects.

“Polar Bears and the Arctic: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House Merlin Mission #16: A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time” by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce

Description: This nonfiction companion to the Magic Tree House Merlin Mission series provides additional information about polar bears and the Arctic. It’s a great supplement for elementary readers interested in learning more about these fascinating creatures.

“Polar Bears (National Geographic Kids Reader)” by Laura Marsh

Description: This National Geographic Kids Reader offers elementary students a visually stunning and informative exploration of polar bears. With engaging text and captivating photographs, it covers various aspects of polar bear life, from hunting to parenting.

“Polar Bears” by Mark Newman

Description: In this colorful and informative book, elementary students learn about the life cycle of polar bears, their Arctic habitat, and the challenges they encounter. Filled with interesting facts, the amazing photographs make it an engaging read for young readers.

Books About Polar Bears for Adults

These books offer a diverse range of perspectives on polar bears, combining scientific rigor with captivating narratives and imagery for a well-rounded reading experience.

“The World of the Polar Bear” by Norbert Rosing

Description: This visually stunning book combines captivating photography with insightful commentary, providing a comprehensive look into the habitat, behavior, and challenges faced by polar bears in the Arctic.

“Polar Bears: A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior” by Andrew E. Derocher

Description: Authored by a leading polar bear expert, this book delves into the scientific intricacies of polar bear biology and behavior. It’s a comprehensive guide for those seeking a deeper understanding of these magnificent Arctic predators.

“Polar Bears: The Natural History of a Threatened Species” by Ian Stirling

Description: Written by two renowned scientists, this book provides a detailed exploration of polar bear natural history, emphasizing the current challenges posed by climate change and its impact on their survival.

More Resources for Readers

The best way to encourage a love of reading is to provide kids with many opportunities to engage with a wide variety of books that are of interest to them. At Book and Tech Tips I want to make it easy for you to find great books kids will love. Over the years I’ve also discovered some helpful tools for connecting kids and books.

Online digital libraries are one very handy way to do this. Epic! is one of our favorite online libraries. It’s full of over 25,000 books, learning videos, quizzes and more for kids 12 and under…and it’s free for educators. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Another great free digital library is ReadingIQ. It’s also free for educators and has a wide selection of titles.

If you download the free Libby app, you can access many digital audiobooks from your public library. Audiobooks are perfect for car trips!

Looking for a book that is out of print? Try searching Thriftbooks online. There are over 13 million titles available.

Looking for More Book Ideas?

If you enjoyed this list of books about polar bears, you might like these book lists as well:

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Have a wonderful week, and enjoy reading books about polar bears!

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