129 Frog Books for Kids: The Ultimate List

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Learn about the best frog books for kids, including books about frogs for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students. Many of these books would be great frog books to read aloud, and some of them are award-winning picture books about frogs. There are also frog life cycle books on this list, as well as books about caring for a pet frog. Some of the titles are new, many are classics. Some you may never have heard of before. (What? You don’t know the tale of Leaping Beauty?) As the librarian at five different elementary schools, I have access to five different library collections, each with different frog book titles on the shelves. If you are studying the topic of frogs with a class of kids, or you know someone who needs some excellent frog books to enjoy, this list of fiction and nonfiction books about frogs is for you. You could even have a frog-themed party. Let’s get started!

frog books for kids book cover collage

A Frog Books Backstory

Ever since seeing a cute little green frog nestled in the straws of our broom on the back porch, a list of books about frogs has been on my mind. This sweet frog was so tiny, it was difficult to spot at first. Do you see the frog in this photo? Look carefully.

frog books for kids frog in a broom

If you weren’t able to spot the mini frog, here’s a closer view. Isn’t that a darling frog?

frog books for kids frog in a broom closeup

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, it’s a Pacific Treefrog (Pseudacris regilla), also known as a Northwest chorus frog. I find it difficult to believe that the loud noise we hear from our ponds in the summer emanates from this little creature and others like it, but it’s true. To celebrate these fabulous amphibian friends, here’s a list of the best of the library collections at the five schools where I work, plus some additional titles that I would like to purchase for the collections. Have fun perusing the list!

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Books About Frogs for Toddlers

Toddlers love thick board book pages they can turn themselves. Many of the toddler books about frogs listed below offer that option. Check out these fiction and nonfiction titles, especially designed with busy toddlers in mind.

books about frogs little green frog

Toddlers Fiction Frog Books
Little Green Frog by Ginger Swift
Happy Little Frog by Rose Colombe
Hoppity Frog by Emma Parrish
Toddlers Nonfiction Frog Books


books about frogs how does a tadpole grow

Books About Frogs for Preschoolers

Enjoy these books with your favorite preschooler as you (or they) turn the pages of these engaging titles. For a fun time, check out these fiction and nonfiction preschool books about frogs, like the interactive Goodnight Frog book, which includes a ¨magic flashlight¨! One, When You Feed a Frog a Veggie, is a wordless picture book that helps preschoolers practice pre-reading skills, like interpreting illustrations. In addition to stand-alone read aloud books about frogs, there is a frog book series by acclaimed author Mercer Mayer.

books about frogs frog in the bog

Preschoolers Fiction Frog Books
Frogs Jump: A Counting Book by Alan Brooks
A Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson
The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner
Goodnight Frog by Amber Lily
The Lucky Green Frog by Luna James
One Frog Too Many by Mercer Mayer
Frog, Where Are You? by Mercer Mayer
Frog Goes to Dinner by Mercer Mayer
Frog on His Own by Mercer Mayer
A Boy, A Dog, and a Frog by Mercer Mayer
A Boy, A Dog, a Frog, and a Friend by Mercer Mayer
When You Feed a Frog A Veggie (new in 2023)
Preschoolers Nonfiction
From Tadpole to Frog by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld


books about frogs tadpole to frog

Books About Frogs for Kindergarteners

The kindergarten year is filled with new experiences. Have kindergarten students hanging onto your every word with these read aloud books and picture books about frogs. Beginning readers will have opportunities to join in with repetitive text and sight words while getting their froggy fix. The popular Froggy series by Jonathan London includes 32 titles. I only included a select number here. The series can really keep young frog fans busy reading for quite a long time. Other fun fiction and informative nonfiction books about frogs are included as well.

books about frogs frog to the library

Kindergarten Fiction Books About Frogs
Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan
I took my frog to the library by Eric A. Kimmel
A Froggy Fable by John Lechner
Froggy’s Best Babysitter by Jonathan London
Froggy´s Halloween by Jonathan London
Froggy Learns to Swim by Jonathan London
Froggy Eats Out by Jonathan London
Froggy´s Baby Sister by Jonathan London
Froggy Goes to Bed by Jonathan London
Froggy Goes to the Doctor by Jonathan London
Froggy Plays Soccer by Jonathan London
Froggy´s First Kiss by Jonathan London
Froggy Plays in the Band by Jonathan London
Froggy Plays T-Ball by Jonathan London
Froggy Rides a Bike by Jonathan London
Froggy´s Sleepover by Jonathan London
Froggy Goes to Hawaii by Jonathan London
Froggy Builds a Tree House by Jonathan London
Let´s Go, Froggy! by Jonathan London
Froggy´s Day With Dad by Jonathan London
A Frog Prince by Alix Berenzy
A Frog Thing by Eric Drachman
I’m a Frog by Mo Willems
City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems
Some Frog by Eve Bunting
The Best Summer Ever (Frog and Friends) by Eve Bunting
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog! by Lucille Colandro
Growing Frogs by Vivian French
Where Is My Frog? by Paul Orshoski
I Don’t Want to be a Frog by Dev Petty
Kindergarten Nonfiction Books About Frogs
Tree Frogs by Helen Frost
Climbing Tree Frogs by Ruth Berman
The Life Cycle of a Frog by Lisa Trumbauer
Tadpole to Frog: Animals Grow Up by Shira Evans
Life Cycles: From Tadpole to Frog by Sally Hewitt


books about frogs climbing tree frog

Books About Frogs for First Grade

Many first graders will be able to read some of these titles on their own. Encourage the love of reading with these fabulous froggy tales. Included on this section of the frog book list are some titles by popular authors as well as some classics and books about the frog life cycle. If you have ever wondered what is the order of the Frog and Toad books, the four books in the well known Frog and Toad series are listed here in order from the first published to the last. Although the books were published in a specific order, the stories within each book can be read in any order, as they are not connected by a specific plot or timeline. Also included on the list are newer titles, such as this one.

books about frogs little frog spring polliwog

First Grade Fiction Books About Frogs
Emily and the Enchanted Frog by Helen Griffith
The Bird, the Frog, and the Light by Avi
Our Principal is a Frog! by Stephanie Calmenson
Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs? by Carmela LaVigna Coyle
Journey of the Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Martin Jordan
Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel
Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel
Frog and Toad All Year by Arnold Lobel
Days with Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel
The Frogs and Toads All Sang by Arnold Lobel
Little Frog and the Spring Polliwogs by Jane Yolen
How to Hide a Meadow Frog and Other Amphibians by Ruth Heller
The Frog Alphabet Book by Jerry Palotta
Frog Medicine by Mark Teague
The Frog Prince by Edith Tarcov
The Frog Prince, Continued by John Scieszka
Tadpole Rex by Kurt Cyrus
It´s MIne by Leo Lionni
An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni
Green Wilma, Frog in Space by Tedd Arnold
By Mouse & Frog by Deborah Freedman
Frog Went A-Courtin´ by Feodor Rojankovsky
Prince of a Frog by Jackie Urbanovic
Ogg, the Super Frog by Kristie Watson (new in 2023)
First Grade Nonfiction Books About Frogs
Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Joy Cowley
Tadpole to Frog by Camilla de la Bedoyere
Frogs by Alyse Sweeney
I am a Frog by Rebecca McDonald


books about frogs from tadpole to frog

Books About Frogs for Second Grade and Up

If you are teaching a frog unit with students in second grade and above, these nonfiction chapter books will fit right in. They can be used for independent reading or for frog read-alouds. Keep the froggy theme going with these fiction and nonfiction books about frogs. A couple of books about caring for a pet frog are also included.

books about frogs operation frog effect

Second Grade and Up Fiction Books About Frogs
Frogs Jump by Steven Kellogg
Leaping Beauty: And Other Animal Fairy Tales by Gregory Maguire
The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders by Jack Prelutsky
Advice for a Frog by Alice Schertle
A Prince Among Frogs by E.D. Baker
The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker
The Frog Princess Returns by E.D. Baker
In Memory of Gorfman T. Frog by Gail Donovan
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Jumping Frogs by Donald J. Sobol
Attack of the Ninja Frogs by Ursula Vernon
The Frog Princess: A Tlingit Legend from Alaska by Eric A. Kimmel
The Frog Bride by Antonia Barber
Frognapped by Angie Sage
Screen of Frogs: An Old Tale by Sheila Hamanaka
Davey’s Blue-Eyed Frog by Patricia Harrison Easton
Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout by Megan McDonald
Once Upon a Frog by Sarah Mlynowski
Frogkisser by Garth Nix
Operation Frog Effect by Sarah Lynn Scheerger
The Frog Princess by Elizabeth Isele
Frog Girl by Paul Owen Lewis
The Frog Princess by J. Patrick Lewis
Transformed: The Perils of the Frog Prince by Megan Morrison
Second Grade and Up Nonfiction Books About Frogs
Nic Bishop Frogs by Nic Bishop
If You Hopped Like a Frog by David Schwartz
Deformed Frogs: A Cause and Effect Investigation by Kathy Allen
All About Frogs by Jim Arnosky
Frogs by Laura Driscoll
The Fascinating World of Frogs and Toads by Angels Julivert
Face to Face with Frogs by Mark W. Moffett
The Frog Scientist by Pamela S. Turner
Amazing Frogs and Toads by Barry Clarke
The Life Cycle of a Frog by Robin Alice Merritt
Frogs by James Martin
Tadpoles by Elaine Pascoe
Poison Dart Frogs by Cecilia Pinto McCarthy
How Do Frogs Swallow with Their Eyes? by Melvin Berger
Frogs! by Elizabeth Carney
Frogs! My Incredible World Picture Book for Children
Deadly Poison Dart Frogs by Jennifer Dussling
Do Frogs Have Fur? by Michael Dahl
Flashy, Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
What’s the Difference Between a Frog and a Toad? by Mary Firestone
Welcome to the World of Frogs and Toads by Diane Swanson
A Frog’s Life by Irene Kelly
Frogs and Toads (Complete Herp Care) by David Edmonds
Frogs and Toads: Your Happy Healthy Pet by Steve Grenard


books about frogs nic bishop frogs

Books About Frogs for Adults

There are plenty of books about frogs for adults, like the book shown at the beginning of this post. A lot frog books for adults are coloring books. I wish I had room for them all here. Here is an example:

Frequently Asked Questions About Frogs

Become a frog expert by reading through these common frog questions. Increase your knowledge so you will be prepared for those tough frog questions you might get asked. Ready to fill your brain with information about frogs? Here you go!

A frog is a small animal that lives both in water and on land. It has a smooth, moist skin that helps it breathe and stay cool. Frogs have long, powerful hind legs that allow them to jump long distances and swim quickly through water.

Frogs are also known for their distinctive croaking sounds, which they make by inflating their throat sacs and then releasing the air. Many people enjoy listening to the sound of frogs at night, especially near water sources like ponds or rivers.

Frogs are important members of many ecosystems, helping to control insect populations and serving as food for larger animals like birds and fish. Children can often observe them in their natural habitats, such as ponds, streams, or even in their own backyards.

It’s important to also explain to children that while frogs may seem cute and harmless, they should be respected and left alone in their natural habitats. It’s not appropriate to capture or handle them without proper supervision and care.

frog books for kids frog books in the library

What are 5 Interesting Facts about Frogs?

Here are 5 interesting facts about frogs:

Amphibian superheroes: Frogs have the amazing ability to regenerate their limbs, eyes, and even their hearts. Some species of frogs can regrow their legs in just a few weeks!

Frog tongues are unique: Frogs have long sticky tongues that they use to catch insects and other small prey. What makes their tongues unique is that they are attached at the front of their mouths rather than the back like most animals.

Colorful and diverse: Frogs come in a wide range of colors and patterns, and there are over 7,000 species of frogs found all over the world. The smallest frog is only half an inch long, while the largest frog can be over a foot long!

Tough skin: While many people think of frogs as slimy, their skin is actually covered in a mucus layer that helps protect them from predators and keeps their skin moist. Some species of frogs even have toxins in their skin that can be dangerous to predators.

Hibernation: Some species of frogs hibernate during the winter months by burrowing into the ground or mud. During this time, their metabolism slows down and their heart rate drops to conserve energy. When the weather warms up, they emerge from their hiding spots ready to mate and continue their life cycle.

What’s a Group of Frogs Called?

A group of frogs is called an “army” or a “knot”. What great group names! I think there might be an army of frogs in our ponds in the summer.

Why are Frogs Said to Have Two Lives?

Frogs are said to have two lives because of their unique life cycle that involves two distinct stages: the aquatic larval stage and the terrestrial adult stage.

During the larval stage, frogs hatch from eggs as tadpoles and live exclusively in water. They have gills to breathe and a long tail to swim, and they feed on algae and other small organisms in the water. As they grow, they undergo a process called metamorphosis, during which they develop lungs, legs, and lose their tails. This transformation takes several weeks or months, depending on the species.

Once they complete their metamorphosis, frogs transition to their adult terrestrial stage, living on land and breathing air through their lungs. They typically feed on insects, worms, and other small prey. Frogs can live for several years in their adult stage, depending on the species and their environment.

So, the first life of the frog is the aquatic larval stage, and the second life is the terrestrial adult stage. This unique life cycle is why frogs are often said to have two lives. Very cool!

What Do You Call a Baby Frog?

A baby frog is called a tadpole. You probably already knew that. The tadpole is the larval stage of the frog and is characterized by having a long tail, gills to breathe, and feeding on algae and other small organisms in the water. As the tadpole grows, it undergoes metamorphosis, developing legs, lungs, and losing its tail to become a terrestrial adult frog. When the tadpole begins to develop arms and legs, it is called a froglet. How cute is that?

Do Frogs Make Good Pets?

Frogs can make good pets for some people, but they are not for everyone. Here are some things to consider:


Frogs are generally low maintenance and don’t require a lot of attention.

They are interesting to watch and can be entertaining.

They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and species, so you can find one that fits your preferences.

Some species, like the African Dwarf Frog, are good for smaller living spaces and don’t require a large enclosure.


Frogs require specific environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and lighting, that can be challenging to maintain.

Some species of frogs are nocturnal and may not be active during the day, making them less interactive pets.

They require live insects or other prey as part of their diet, which can be expensive and/or difficult to obtain.

Handling them can be stressful for the frog, and some species may secrete toxins that can be harmful if ingested or touched.

Overall, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to properly care for a frog, they can make interesting and enjoyable pets. However, if you are not prepared to meet their specific needs, it may be better to choose a different type of pet.

Do Frogs Need Water?

Yes, most species of frogs need water for at least part of their life cycle. This is because their eggs are laid in water, and their larvae (tadpoles) live exclusively in water until they undergo metamorphosis and develop lungs and legs to live on land.

Even after they transition to their adult stage, most frogs still require water for breeding, as they need a wet environment to lay their eggs. Some species of frogs may also spend part of their time in or near water to hunt for prey, regulate their body temperature, or seek protection from predators.

However, not all species of frogs require large bodies of water to thrive. Some species, like the terrestrial rainforest frogs, may not need water at all, as they can absorb moisture through their skin or obtain it from the food they eat. Ultimately, the amount of water a frog needs will depend on its species and its unique environmental requirements.

Free Frog Bookmarks

best frog books for kids free frog bookmarks

If you are into all things frog-related, print out some free frog bookmarks. Let kids customize with colors of their own choosing to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Get my free bookmarks!

Other Frog-Related Items

Can’t get enough frog-related items in your life? Why stop at books and bookmarks? Get some unique frog creations and satisfy those cravings for all things froggy.

Get more unique frog creations!

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