Nominees for the Encouraging Blogger Award 2021

I’ve been nominated for a few blogging awards in the past. Each time, I always felt very encouraged. The award nominations were also terrific ways to recognize other bloggers. When I paid each nomination forward, it gave my nominees a boost as well. However, I never learned the results of being nominated. Who actually won the award? I never found out. Consequently, I decided to create my own blogging award. I’d like to recognize other bloggers who have encouraged me. I’d like those bloggers to nominate those who have encouraged them. Last year, we had a great response to the first award nomination post. So here we go for the Encouraging Blogger Award 2021!

10 Amazing Nominees for the 2021 Encouraging Blogger Award

Announcing The Second Annual Encouraging Blogger Award

How is this award different? First, there is a prize. Second, there is going to be a winner. Everyone who completes the process will be featured in a round-up post when the winner is announced. To learn more about the award and the guidelines, please visit the Encouraging Blogger Award page.

Sharing a Bit of Background

Usually, in posts such as this, the writer is asked to answer some questions. I wanted to keep this award simple, so I limited the questions. For this nominee post, I decided to answer them. I wouldn’t want to ask something of the nominees which I hadn’t already asked of myself.

When and why did you start blogging?

I began blogging shortly after my husband and I became empty-nesters. It was something to occupy my time, and I’d wanted to try it for a couple of years. I’ve been blogging now for about a year and a half, and I’m enjoying it immensely!

What is your blog about?

I would like to encourage others by sharing easy recipes, DIY projects, fun travel adventures, simple gardening ideas, and lists of favorite books. I also write about technology tips for teachers and bloggers. I’m not very artistic, so if I share a project or craft idea, it’s not going to be complicated!

What advice you would give to encourage new bloggers?

Your blog doesn’t have to be perfect before you launch it. There will always be improvements to make. At first, all of the tasks might seem overwhelming, but complete them at a pace that is right for you. The blogging community is very supportive, so try to find a group to connect with. Facebook groups are a great place to start.

Which is your favorite time-saving blogging tip or scheduling tool?

If I have to choose a favorite, I would have to go with the free, built-in pin schedule tool in Pinterest. My work schedule prevents me from pinning to Pinterest throughout the day. This scheduling tool really helps keep my pins posting on a regular basis.

What are your future goals for your blog?

I’d like to gain more visitors. I’m kind of on a long-term plan, and hope to grow things gradually. I love my full-time job as a school librarian. When I retire in seven years, Lord willing, I’d still like to be blogging.

The Amazing Encouraging Blogger Award Nominees

The idea behind the Encouraging Blogger Award is to promote the encouraging efforts of others. I’d like to devote the bulk of this post to shining a spotlight on the nominees. It is my pleasure to recognize and thank the following bloggers for their encouragement of others.

Encouraging blogger nominee Cedar springs

Gina of Home at Cedar Springs Farm

Gina is a mom, wife, and teacher who lives on a family farm. She shares fabulous recipes along with gardening and DIY posts. Her food photographs are gorgeous, and the recipes she posts are designed for those who lead busy lives. Filled with encouragement about trying new things, reading this blog is like taking a breath of fresh country air. If you are looking for some creative, yet simple, comfort food ideas, click on over to the website to see what it’s all about!

Encouraging blogger nominee militarytraveler

Mike of The Military Traveler

Mike is a retired military veteran who has traveled extensively. He shares his expertise in saving money while traveling, as well as his trips to various destinations. Mike’s goal with his blog is to help others fulfill the dreams they have of traveling. His posts are always packed with great information as he encourages readers to visit different destinations. Mike writes about places I’ve never considered as a travel destination and makes me want to add them to my bucket list. If you are looking for some travel inspiration and encouragement, give Mike’s website a visit!

Encouraging blogger nominee Down the hobbit Hole

Sarah of Down the Hobbit Hole

Sarah is a homeschooling mom who publishes movie and book reviews to save other families time. She is also an aspiring author. If you need an idea about a book to read or a movie to watch, this blog is a terrific, encouraging resource. The reviews are always informative, and discussion questions are often included. The blog is a family effort, with Sarah doing most of the writing. Wondering about books or movies for your family? Check out Sarah’s website!

Encouraging blogger nominee InsecureHousewife

Sarah of The Insecure Housewife

Even though this Sarah’s blog is called The Insecure Housewife, she doesn’t seem to be insecure about tackling some tough tasks. She writes about cooking, gardening, DIY projects, organizing, and books. One of her monthly features is a Use It Up Challenge, where she takes different areas of her life and pares them down to the essentials. Sarah is a big fan of getting rid of clutter, whether it is digital clutter or physical objects. Her recipes are creative and easy, with basic ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.  Whenever I need some encouragement to get organized or some dinner inspiration, I head over to Sarah’s blog. See for yourself how awesome it is!

Encouraging Blogger Nominee Only getting better

Amanda of Only Getting Better

Amanda is a talented piano player, mom, and blogger who wants to inspire people to live their best life. Many of her posts tackle the topic of motivation, with posts about goal-setting and strengths. If there is something you are thinking of trying but aren’t sure how to get started, give Amanda’s blog posts a read. You will find encouragement, inspiring quotes, and real-life anecdotes to give you the nudge you need. Have fun exploring the website!

Encouraging Blogger Nominee Younger Skin

Ann of A Younger Skin

Ann writes encouraging posts about taking good care of your skin. She offers nutritional tips and actionable strategies to keep skin looking healthy. Since she has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, she knows her niche. Many of her posts contain information about making healthy food choices, and she is always very clear that taking a natural approach to anti-aging is important. If you need some ideas about keeping your skin looking its best, stop by Ann’s website for great anti-aging tips and skin-focused content.

GoatDog Encouraging Blogger Award 2020

Ana of Goatdog Simple

This is Ana’s second appearance in the list of Encouraging Blogger nominees. She was nominated this year by Betty of the Anointed Today blog. Ana and her family live a simple life of financial independence and encourage others to aim for financial independence as well. On her engaging blog, Ana shares lessons she has learned about money. Topics such as credit cards, budgeting, and saving, as well as investing are covered in a fun, entertaining way. I hope you’ll invest some time and click on over to Ana’s financially inspiring posts!

Encouraging Blogger nominee FreeAt50

Daphne of Free at 50

Daphne’s focus is on making the transition from working for others to working for yourself. As Daphne navigates her COVID-related post-layoff experience, she shares her encouraging stories with readers. Passionate about food, travel, and history, Daphne is transforming her life into a positive, post-fifty-years-of-age journey. Wanting to take the plunge into freelance writing for yourself? Get tips and encouragement from Daphne’s website!


Encouraging blogger nominee gutzlife

Tamara of The Gutz Life

Tamara is a mom of four and a fitness lover. On her blog, you can find a Workout of the Week, posts about feeding a family and mom life. She writes with humor and an easy style that lets the reader right into her life as a busy mom.  As she shares her experiences, readers can find encouragement in the ways that she creatively accommodates working out in amongst all of her other tasks. I hope you’ll take the time to check out her excellent website!

Encouraging Blogger Nominee momsnippets

Sarah of Mom Snippets

One look at Sarah’s colorful blog and you’ll be encouraged. Sarah is a licensed veterinary technician who recently left her job to embrace the blogging lifestyle. She writes about the challenges of motherhood and offers simple tips about food, travel, and parenting. Sarah is also a talented graphic designer and offers many cheery printables for holidays, parties, and organizing. Stop by her website for a huge dose of encouraging parenting vibes!

Update: 2023

All of these amazing nominees were worthy of the award. When I migrated the content to this new site, Book and Tech Tips, I wanted to make sure that the backlinks would remain. So, to all of you bloggers out there, keep up the great work!

Do You Have Any Favorite Encouraging Bloggers?

I hope you have gotten some good ideas about blogs to visit from the Encouraging Blogger Award 2020 list of nominees. Do you have some favorite encouraging blogs you would like to share? I’m always looking for blog recommendations to add to my reading list.

Get Your Blog Noticed

Standing out from the crowd is tough, especially when it comes to blogging. Need to add some unique, memorable features? If you are a fan of tech tools, you might like my eBook containing information about some excellent free tools for adding interest to a blog, web page, or social media account.

ebook 10 fun free blog tools

Have a wonderful week, and may the bloggers I’ve nominated encourage you as well!

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