19 Cranberry Books for All Ages

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Learn about some entertaining and informative cranberry books from a happy resident of a cranberry-growing region who is also a children’s librarian. Find a great selection of cranberry books for toddlers as well as for preschool and kindergarten students. Even adults will find cranberry books on this list. So sit back, grab a cup of cranberry punch or nibble on a few cranberry appetizers and enjoy perusing the titles. Whether you are looking for picture books about cranberries, books about how cranberries grow, or some fun fiction featuring cranberries, this list has got you covered. Many of these books would be perfect for reading aloud at a cranberry themed party. Let’s get started!

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My Cranberry Books Backstory

This list of cranberry books was inspired by a visit to a free cranberry museum. If you are ever traveling along the northern Oregon coast, take a little detour across the Columbia River for a tour of this fun and informative museum run by the Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation.

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You can see vintage cranberry harvesting implements on display and  learn about the process of harvesting cranberries. There is a cranberry bog walking tour available and many creative cranberry-related items in their gift shop. Who can resist a sample of cranberry ice cream? My shop finds included a clever little book about a cranberry named Clarence.

cranberry books clarence the cranberry

Cranberries are an interesting topic, whether you are young or old. To begin this list, let’s begin with the younger listeners. Kids can start learning about cranberries at a very early age with these cranberry books.

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Cranberry Books for Toddlers

Introduce toddlers to the world of cranberries in a fun and engaging way. Books for toddlers typically include colorful illustrations to capture the young readers’ attention. Here is a book about cranberries that are suitable for toddlers:

“Fox and Rabbit’s Cranberry Surprise” by Laurel Heger follows along with two furry creatures, Fox and Rabbit as they work to harvest cranberries to take to the market. Imagine their surprise when they discover they are not the only ones hanging around the cranberry bushes. This book about helping others also includes a recipe for homemade cranberry sauce.

“Growing Up Cranberry” by Shannon Gray invites readers into the life of Crandall Cranberry as he experiences the stages of his life, from a flower to a vine to becoming cranberry juice.

Cranberry Books for Preschool

Books for preschoolers often include engaging stories and vibrant illustrations. Here are some books about cranberries that are suitable for preschool-aged children:

“Clarence: The Cranberry Who Couldn’t Bounce” by Jim Coogan relates the story of a cranberry named Clarence who has trouble bouncing. Apparently, bouncing is the way to tell a good cranberry from a bad one. What will happen to Clarence? Find out in this tale, appropriate for kids ages 3-9.

“Cranberry (See It Grow)” by Jackie Lee includes 24 pages of colorful illustrations and facts about the progression of a cranberry plant, from seed to vine to fruit. With simple sentences and eye-catching photos, this book is perfect for curious preschool-aged kids.

Cranberry Books for Kindergarten

These books are designed to engage kindergarteners with stories, colorful illustrations, and information about cranberries, making learning about this fruit fun and interesting for young readers. Here are some books about cranberries (or that feature cranberry items in the story) that are suitable for kindergarten-aged children:

“Cranberries” by Inez Snyder introduces young readers to the process of growing cranberries as well as harvesting and using in different foods.

“Cranberry Thanksgiving” by Wende and Harry Devlin is a classic tale about kindness. Will Grandmother’s secret cranberry bread recipe be safe from their Thanksgiving guest, Mr. Whiskers? Find out in this delightfully illustrated favorite.

“Cranberry Christmas” by Wende and Harry Devlin finds Mr. Whiskers featured again in a story about sharing that includes a delicious cranberry cookie recipe.

Cranberry Books for First Grade

“Time for Cranberries” by Lisl H. Detlefsen tells the story of young Sam and his family as they harvest the cranberries from their farm. Learn how cranberries are harvested, from flooding the bog, to picking, then processing.

Get a FREE cranberry activity book on the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association website. Activities include a word search, crossword puzzle, color by number page, a maze, facts about cranberries, a craft activity, and some easy recipes

Cranberry Books for Older Elementary Kids

Cranberry books for older elementary students offer a range of information about cranberries, including their history, uses, and even recipes for students who may be interested in cooking with cranberries. They are suitable for elementary students looking to learn more about this fruit. Here are some books about cranberries that are suitable for elementary students in second grade and beyond:

“Cranberries: Fruit of the Bogs” by Diane Burns gives kids an overview of what life is like on a cranberry farm during each of the four seasons.

“Cranberries” by William Jaspersohn includes facts about the history of cranberries as well as the growing and harvesting process.

“Cranberries from A to Z: An Educational Picture Book” by Ann Kurz uses letters of the alphabet to introduce readers to the cranberry industry.

Cranberry Books for Grownups

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Cranberries can be useful in so many ways. They are found in a variety of recipes and offer a host of health benefits. These books about cranberries for adults cover a range of topics related to cranberries, including their history, culinary uses, and health benefits. They are suitable for grown-up readers interested in learning more about cranberries. Here are some books about cranberries for adults:

“Cranberries Revealed” By Wayne R. Martin celebrates the beauty of cranberries in this stunningly photographed coffee table book that includes aerial photos of cranberry farms in Central Wisconsin as well as closeups of this ruby red fruit.

“The Cranberry Cookbook: Year-Round Dishes from Bog to Table” by Sally Pasley Vargas  includes recipes and information about cranberries, as well as a profile of the cranberry industry.

“Cranberry Cooking for All Seasons” by Nancy Cappelloni offers readers 125 creative cranberry recipes as well as a guide to the health benefits of consuming cranberries.

“The Great Cranberry Rush: Unlock Fresh Cranberry Recipes” by Sophia Freeman gives readers 30 ways to use fresh cranberries, including a recipe for cranberry ice cream.

The books listed below provide in-depth information for adults interested in growing cranberries, whether as a hobby or on a larger scale. They cover various aspects of cranberry cultivation, from planting and maintaining bogs (like the one pictured below) to the history and science behind cranberry farming.

cranberry books cranberry bog

If you’re looking for books about growing cranberries for adults who are interested in cranberry cultivation, here are a few titles that can provide valuable information:

“Cranberries Farming: The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cranberries from Varieties to Harvesting” by Davies Cheruyot covers all aspects of cranberry cultivation, from planting and maintaining bogs to harvesting the fruit.

“Growing Cranberries: Understanding The Step By Step Approach To Planting, Maintaining, Harvesting Cranberries For Beginners” by Blade Javion introduces readers to the basics of cranberry farming. Learn about growing conditions, watering, harvesting and storing cranberries for optimum results.

“America’s Founding Fruit: The Cranberry in a New Environment” by Susan Playfair gives readers an overview of the history of this fruit that is native to North America, as well as delving into the cultivation and distribution process.

Looking for More Book Ideas?

If you enjoyed this list of books about cranberries, you might like these book lists as well:

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Have a wonderful week, and enjoy reading books about cranberries!

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