24 Books About Apples for Preschool, Kindergarten, Adults Too!

Learn about some fabulous books about apples from an apple-growing mom and children’s librarian. Find a great selection of books about apples for toddlers, as well as for preschool and kindergarten students. Even adults will find books about apples on this list. So sit back, grab a cup of mulled apple cider or a piece of warm apple crisp and enjoy perusing the titles. Whether you are looking for picture books about apples, books about how an apple tree grows, or some fun fiction featuring apples, this list has got you covered. Many of these books would be perfect for reading aloud at an apple-themed party.

books about apples for preschool kindergarten and adults too

My Apple Books Backstory

When my husband taught high school biology, one of the yearly activities was grafting apple trees. Members of the local Home Orchard Society (now defunct, but excellent resources may currently be found at the Home Orchard Education Center) would come and share their expertise while helping students graft their own apple seedlings to take home and plant.

We ended up with a great selection of different apple varieties in our small farm’s orchard. Some of my favorites include Hudson’s Golden Gem, Pink Pearl (pictured above) and Summer Rambo. There are so many interesting apple varieties and delicious ways to use apples, I just had to make a list of books about them.

As I looked over the shelves of the five schools where I work as a librarian, I had a great time remembering wonderful books involving apples. Here are my favorites, organized by age and grade level. A brief summary accompanies each. I hope you find some great apple books to enjoy.

books about apples vintage apple library books for preschool and kindergarten

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Best Books About Apples for Toddlers

Introducing toddlers to the world of apples can be a fun and educational experience. Here are some delightful books about apples that are suitable for toddlers:

“Apples and Pumpkins” by Anne Rockwell: This charming picture book follows a young girl and her family as they visit an orchard to pick apples and pumpkins. It’s a perfect autumn-themed book for toddlers.

“The Apple Pie Tree” by Zoe Hall: This book tells the story of two sisters who watch an apple tree change through the seasons and eventually make apple pie. It’s a great way to teach toddlers about the lifecycle of apples.

“Ten Apples Up On Top!” by Dr. Seuss: In classic Dr. Seuss style, this book is a playful counting story featuring animal characters balancing apples on their heads. It’s an engaging way to introduce numbers to toddlers.

“Little Apple” by Brigitte Weninger: This sweet story revolves around a little hedgehog who wants to find a use for a tiny apple he finds. It’s a heartwarming tale of friendship and creativity.

“Apple Farmer Annie” by Monica Wellington: This book takes toddlers through the process of apple farming as Annie picks apples, bakes apple treats, and sells them at the market. It’s a great way to introduce the concept of where food comes from, produced in a sturdy board book format.

“Apples, Apples, Apples” by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace: In this book, a family of mice goes apple picking and then makes applesauce. It includes cut-paper illustrations and simple text that are perfect for young readers.

These books can provide a delightful introduction to apples for toddlers, whether you’re exploring the orchard or simply enjoying apple-themed stories at home.

Best Books About Apples for Preschool

For preschool-aged children, you can choose books about apples that combine informative content with engaging storytelling and illustrations. Here are some excellent books about apples for preschoolers:

“Up, Up, Up! It’s Apple Picking Time” by Jody Fickes Shapiro: A young boy goes to his grandparents’ apple farm and has a wonderful time picking apples.

“Apples to Oregon” by Deborah Hopkinson: Loosely based on the true story of an Oregon fruiting pioneer, this delightful tale relates the adventures of a young girl who travels with her family to Oregon to find a new place to plant their fruit trees.

“Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples!” by Victoria Kann: Join Pinkalicious and her family on a trip to the apple orchard in this fun and colorful book. It’s part of the popular Pinkalicious series.

“The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree” by Gail Gibbons: This book provides an overview of the changing seasons through the lens of an apple tree. Preschoolers can learn about how apple trees change throughout the year.

“How Do Apples Grow?” by Betsy Maestro: This informative book introduces young children to the life cycle of apple trees, from the planting of a seed to the growth of apples. The illustrations are engaging and educational.

“Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship” by Edward Hemingway: This whimsical story about an apple named Mac who doesn’t quite fit in with the other apples is a delightful tale of friendship and acceptance.

“The Apple Pie That Papa Baked” by Lauren Thompson: This repetitive and rhythmic book tells the story of how a simple apple pie is made, with each step building on the previous one. It’s a great read-aloud choice.

These books offer a mix of educational content and engaging stories that can captivate the imagination of preschool-aged children while teaching them about apples and the changing seasons.

Best Books About Apples for Kindergarten

Kindergarten-aged children are at an age where they can appreciate more detailed and educational books about apples. Here are some excellent books about apples for kindergarteners:

“Apples, Apples Everywhere!: Learning About Apple Harvests” by Robin Koontz: This informative book introduces kindergarteners to the apple harvest season, explaining how apples grow, how they are picked, and the many uses of apples. It’s both educational and engaging.

“From Seed to Apple” by Anita Ganeri: This book takes young readers on a journey through the life cycle of an apple tree, from planting a seed to picking apples. It includes detailed illustrations and simple explanations suitable for kindergarteners.

“Apple Countdown” by Joan Holub: With colorful illustrations and rhyming text, this book counts down from ten as a family of mice picks apples to make applesauce. It’s a fun way to incorporate math skills while learning about apples.

“Johnny Appleseed: My Story” by David L. Harrison: Explore the legend of Johnny Appleseed in this beautifully illustrated book that tells his story. It’s a great introduction to American folklore for kindergarteners.

“The Apple Orchard Riddle” by Margaret McNamara: Join the children in Miss Tully’s class as they visit an apple orchard and solve riddles related to apples. It combines a story with educational elements and puzzles.

“The Apple-Pip Princess” by Jane Ray: This fairy tale-like story is about a young princess who plants an apple seed and watches it grow into a magnificent apple tree. It teaches the value of patience and nurturing.

These books offer a mix of educational content, engaging stories, and beautiful illustrations that are suitable for kindergarteners. They can provide valuable information about apples while fostering a love of reading and learning.

Best Books About Apples for Adults

If you’re looking for books about apples geared towards adults, here are some excellent options:

“Apples for the 21st Century” by Warren Manhart:

This colorful book, written by a veteran apple-grower, is a comprehensive guide to the culture, characteristics and history of apples. We have a signed copy of this book in our home library and have referred to it for many years.

“The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World” by Michael Pollan:

 While not solely focused on apples, this book explores the history and cultural significance of several plants, including apples. Michael Pollan delves into the relationship between humans and apples, touching on topics like apple varieties and the role of Johnny Appleseed.

“The Apple Lover’s Cookbook” by Amy Traverso:

This cookbook celebrates the diversity of apple varieties and offers a wide range of recipes, from savory dishes to sweet treats. It’s a great choice for anyone who enjoys cooking and wants to explore the culinary possibilities of apples.

“The Apple Orchard: The Story of Our Most English Fruit” by Pete Brown:

In this book, Pete Brown delves into the history of apples in England, exploring their cultural and historical significance. It’s a fascinating journey through orchards, cider making, and the role of apples in British culture.

“Apples of Uncommon Character: 123 Heirlooms, Modern Classics, & Little-Known Wonders” by Rowan Jacobsen:

This book profiles a wide variety of apple cultivars, from well-known classics to rare heirlooms. It provides detailed descriptions of each apple’s flavor, history, and best uses, making it a great resource for apple enthusiasts.

These books offer a deeper understanding of apples, from their history and cultural significance to their culinary and botanical aspects, making them enjoyable reads for adults interested in this versatile fruit.

books about apples for preschool and kindergarten students

Looking for More Book Ideas?

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Have a wonderful week, and enjoy reading books about apples!

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