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Learn about the best books about blueberries for kids and adults, including fiction and nonfiction. Many of these best blueberry books for kids would be great blueberry books to read aloud. Some are award-winning books, some are classics, and some are new books about blueberries. There are also blueberry cookbooks on this list, as well as books about growing blueberries. As the librarian at five different schools, I have access to five different library collections, each with different blueberry book titles on the shelves. Many of these books are on the shelves at the libraries where I work, and some are on my blueberry book wish list.

My Blueberry Backstory

My family and I have grown blueberries for years on our small Pacific Northwest farm. Our blueberry bushes are quite prolific, and we enjoy using the delicious blue gems in many ways. Blueberry smoothies, blueberry scones, blueberry syrup, blueberry lime jam, blueberry cobbler, and blueberry rhubarb coffee cake are all favorites, along with this blueberry rhubarb crisp, pictured below.

Blueberry rhubarb crisp idea from a blueberry recipe book

Want to know something interesting? Kids love cookbooks! They get checked out from the libraries all of the time. If you are interested in studying blueberries with kids, you might also want to scroll down to the list of blueberry cookbooks. Whether you would like to get some great blueberry books to read to kids, learn about some delicious blueberry recipes, or learn how to grow a fabulous blueberry crop, this list of best books about blueberries, both fiction and nonfiction, is for you. Let’s get started!

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Best Books About Blueberries for Kids

Blueberry Fiction Books for Kids

Here are some great fiction books for kids about blueberries:

Blueberries for the Queen by John and Katherine Paterson: Based on an actual incident during John Paterson’s childhood, this picture book relates the story of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands who came to stay in New England during the summer of 1942. William, a young boy living in the Massachusetts community where the queen is staying, feels badly because he doesn’t think he is doing anything to contribute to the war effort. This leads him to do something very kind for the exiled queen that she will never forget.

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey: This classic children’s book follows Sal and her mother as they pick blueberries on a hillside. While Sal’s mother puts the berries in a pail, Sal eats them along the way. Meanwhile, a mother bear and her cub are also picking blueberries, leading to a mix-up.

Jamberry by Bruce Degen: Although not entirely focused on blueberries, Jamberry is a delightful rhyming book that features a variety of fruits, including blueberries. The book follows a boy and a bear as they journey through a land of berries, all while singing and dancing. We loved reading this book to our little berry-pickers when they were young. The board book makes an excellent baby shower gift.

The Blueberry Pie Elf by Jane Thayer: In this charming book, a group of elves decides to make a blueberry pie. However, they soon realize they don’t have enough blueberries. One determined elf sets off on a quest to find more blueberries, leading to an exciting adventure.

The Blueberry Shoe by Ann Dixon: This whimsical book tells the story of a girl who loves blueberries so much that she wears them on her feet. However, her unique fashion choice leads to some teasing from her classmates. But when a blueberry thief strikes, the girl’s blueberry shoes may just save the day.

Blueberry Mouse by Alice Low: In this sweet story, a tiny mouse named Blueberry lives in a blueberry bush. One day, she sets off on a journey to find more blueberries, encountering various animals along the way. Ultimately, Blueberry realizes that her home in the blueberry bush is the best place for her.

More Blueberries by Susan Musgrave: Two young twins can get enough blueberries, their favorite treat. The enthusiastic rhyming text and colorful illustrations are engaging and fun.

White is for Blueberry by George Shannon: This ALA Notable Children’s Book Award winner encourages the reader to look at objects in nature from another perspective, observing their colors in a new way

Blueberry Nonfiction Books for Kids

Here are some great nonfiction books about blueberries for kids:

Blueberries Grow on a Bush by Mari Schuh: This informative book introduces young readers to the life cycle of blueberries, from planting to harvesting. The book also includes fun facts about blueberries and how they can be used in cooking.

Best Books About Blueberries for Adults

Blueberry Cookbooks

Here are some of the best blueberry cookbooks for adults:

The Blueberry Cookbook by Sally Pasley Vargas: This cookbook features over 100 recipes that showcase the versatility of blueberries. From sweet to savory, the book includes recipes for everything from blueberry muffins and pancakes to blueberry barbecue sauce and salsa.

Blueberries: 50 Tried and True Recipes by Julia Rutland: This cookbook features a range of recipes that use blueberries in creative and delicious ways. From blueberry and goat cheese bruschetta to blueberry lemonade, the book includes something for every taste.

Blueberry Love: 46 Sweet and Savory Recipes for Pies, Jams, Smoothies, Sauces, and More by Cynthia Graubart: This cookbook features recipes that use blueberries in both sweet and savory dishes. From blueberry and feta salad to blueberry chicken, the book includes recipes that are sure to impress.

The Blueberry Years: A Memoir of Farm and Family by Jim Minick: This memoir is part cookbook, part personal story, and part farming memoir. It includes a variety of blueberry recipes, as well as tips on growing and harvesting blueberries.

Traditional Maine Blueberry Recipes by Joseph Demakis: This cookbook features over 70 recipes that highlight the unique flavor of Maine’s wild blueberries. From blueberry muffins to blueberry desserts, jam, and more, the book includes a variety of sweet and savory recipes.

Books About Growing Blueberries

Here are some of the best books about growing blueberries for adults:

Grow It! Yield It! Everything on Planting Blueberries for Beginners Success by John Anthony Klein and Dr. Melissa Caudle: This comprehensive guide covers everything from selecting the right variety of blueberry to harvesting and preserving the fruit. It includes information on soil preparation, pest and disease management, and pruning techniques.

How to Grow Blueberries Successfully by Bryce Roadley: This guide offers practical advice on growing blueberries in a containers. It includes information on soil preparation, planting, and maintenance, as well as tips on pruning and fertilization.

The Complete Guide to Growing Berries and Grapes by Louise Riotte: While not specifically focused on blueberries, this guide provides valuable information on growing a variety of berry crops, including blueberries. It includes information on soil preparation, planting, and care, as well as tips on harvesting and preserving the fruit.

The Backyard Berry Book: A Hands-On Guide to Growing Berries, Brambles, and Vine Fruit in the Home Garden by Stella Otto: This guide offers practical advice on growing a variety of berry crops, including blueberries. It includes information on site selection, soil preparation, planting, and care, as well as tips on pest and disease management.

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