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I have been fortunate enough to have received another blogger award nomination, for which I’m very grateful. Wendy Wallace, of the One Exceptional Life blog, and Traci Heaps, of the New Adventures Ahead blog, both nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you, Wendy and Traci! If you haven’t ever read any of Wendy’s inspirational posts, or Traci’s lifestyle and travel posts, you should check them out.

About the Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger award nominations are a wonderful way for bloggers to support one another. They help provide an atmosphere of community, rather than competition. It’s amazing what a boost it can be to be recognized by a fellow blogger. Each award has rules which give readers an opportunity to get to know the nominee. Award nominations also provide an opportunity to pass along the encouragement by allowing the nominee to select other bloggers for recognition.

The Rules for the Blogger Recognition Award

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief history of how your blog came to be
  • Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  • Select 15 of your fellow bloggers to give this award to
  • Let them know that you nominated them and provide a link to your post

The History of Fluxing Well (Sister Site to This One)

During the 2017, my family went through a lot of transitions. One son graduated from high school, one son got married, my parents sold their house and moved in with us temporarily. It was a year in which I learned about navigating the changes in life, or fluxing well with changing situations. The seed of an idea for a blog was planted! I spent about a year reading articles and gathering information, trying to decide if I should take the plunge. I stumbled across a couple of brief online “start a blog” courses, and jumped in. As a school librarian, I have summers off from work. I spent a good portion of this past summer designing the website and writing blog posts before the site went live in late July. I’m constantly getting ideas for improvements, but have a lot less time to try out new things now that I’m back at work. I still have a lot to learn, and the supportive blogging community continues to be a great resource for me.

2 pieces of advice for new bloggers (I’m giving this advice to myself as well!)

1. You are more than the likes or follows you get. It’s tough not to compare yourself to others, but just keep being you and writing about your passion.

2. Take the time to get out and live life by taking breaks from social media and technology. I realized some of my relationships were getting neglected because I was spending too much time on my phone or computer.

Here are my 15 Nominees for the Blogger Recognition Award:

1. Gina

2. Amanda

3. Jamie

4. Dana

5. Terran

6. Peggy

7. Taylor

8. Stephanie

9. Ell

10. My Casual Reflections

11. Steph

12. Jennifer

13. Gwawr

14. Fred

Please pay these awesome blogs a visit!

How About You?

Are you a new blogger looking for encouragement? Any of the bloggers I listed above would be great to follow. Do you have any advice for new bloggers? I’d sure be interested to learn of any ideas you have to offer. If you like what you’ve read today, please consider subscribing. Have a great week, everyone. Let’s keep encouraging each other!

Get Your Blog Noticed

Standing out from the crowd is tough, especially when it comes to blogging. Need to add some unique, memorable features? If you are a fan of tech tools, you might like my eBook containing information about some excellent free tools for adding interest to a blog, web page, or social media account.

ebook 10 fun free blog tools

May all of your blog organization efforts meet with great success!

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Lisa Mitchell is a school librarian who likes to use her job as an excuse to stay up far too late reading books and noodling around with tech tools.

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